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Antwerp is a Belgium city and municipality, as well the capital of the Antwerp province. It’s situated on the right bank of the river Scheldt, which is linked to the North Sea. Antwerp has a long history of being a important city in the Benelux as well economically and culturally. As of latest measurement Antwerp has a population of 490 thousand people.

Antwerp has an international reputation for being the “world’s leading diamond city” as more than 70% of all diamonds are traded in Antwerp. It’s also a popular travel destination for many travelers, the overwhelming friendliness of the Belgium locals, and their urge for a quality living and food, combined with an overall low stress lifestyle, makes it a relaxing and desirable travel destination.

In the heart of Antwerp lies a irregularly shaped square named Grote Markt which is being surrounded by decorative guild buildings aging from the 16th century. The Grote Markt is home to the statue of Brabo, according to the 16th century legend, his actions led to the city’s name. It’s said that Silvius Brabo had flung the hand of Antigonus, a giant who terrorized ships passing by. Antwerp’s city hall is located right on the square, which has great Italian and Belgium characteristics. Furthermore the city of Antwerp has several historical sightseeing including museums and churches, as well fine dining opportunities with both local and international cuisine.

Travelers to Antwerp need a valid passport and return ticket. For stays that do not exceed 90 days a visa is not required. English is not widely spoken in Antwerpen, might as well bring yourself a French dictionary or pick up a few French lines. The best time to visit Antwerpen is during the summer months from July till August.