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Linz is the capital of the Upper Austria state as well the third largest city in the country after Vienna and Graz. It’s situated in the north of Austria and located on both sides of the Danube (Donau) river, approximately 18 miles south of the Czech Republic border. As of latest measurement Linz has a population of 190 thousand people.

Linz is often referred to as “In Linz beginnt’s” which is the tourist slogan of the city, It starts in Linz. The industrial city Linz has both modern and historical city parts spread over 9 districts due to the Nazi bombing. It’s old town city center is called Altstadt where you can find old houses, stores and several factories. In other districts of the city the modern Linz can be found, completely rebuild after Nazi bombings. Yet even the supposedly modern city parts feel ancient with churches, narrow streets with on each sides pubs and bars where the industrial workers go after work, before going home.

When visiting Linz it’s recommended seeing the main street Landstraße leading from the Blumauerplatz to the main square with several small cafes and pubs. But there are also historical and cultural sightseeing’s in the city including, St. Mary’s Cathedral Mariendom, Pöstlingberg Kirche, Brucknerhaus, Gugl Stadium, The Linzer Landestheater.

Visa-free travel to Austria lasts for no more than 3 months for Americans and other nationalities. You can request for an Austrian visa prior to traveling to the country in the Austrian embassy, or apply in Austria before the 90-day duration has expired.