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Hoi An

Originally known as Faifo, Hoi An is a small, antique and peaceful town on the coast of the south China sea in the south coast of Vietnam, it’s located in the Quảng Nam province and has approximately 120 thousand people living there as of latest count.

Although the city of Hoi An is not known as a tourist heaven, the friendly local people and the artistic atmosphere create an inviting environment. For those who like shopping and arts there’s shops selling made and custom artwork, right next door to the art shops they sell Vietnamese souvenir statues, antique bowls and ceramic plates. One of the most popular products bought by tourists are the quality garments tailor made silk.

The centre of Hoi An is small and pedestrianized, which means you will be walking around most of the time. It’s important to keep an eye out for motorcycles and bicycles as they are mixed within traffic in the most narrow alleys. Although it’s advised to walk through Hoi An it’s rather cheap and easy to hire a bicycle, taxi’s are available but need to be called by phone. Another noticeable quality that must be mentioned is the relative silence that lies over Hoi An.

Travelers to Hoi An need a valid passport and visa. US passport holders must have a valid passport and a visa is required. Travel in Vietnam is generally safe and violent crime is uncommon. The summer months are between May and September, though rain can be expected.