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Kawasan Falls

The Kawasan Falls is a popular travel destination when visiting Cebu or Moalboal, its located in the town of Kawasan, municipality of Badian, on the province/island of Cebu. The Kawasan Falls are not only popular among tourist crowds but also the locals go here for their relax and enjoyment.

The Kawasan Waterfalls is a three level cascade of crystal clear mountain springs, enjoy a fine picnic with on the background the plashing Kawasan Falls as you’re dining in a tropical forest, go for a fresh swim even snorkeling is recommended to see all different fish kinds hidden beneath the surface.

When arriving at the Kawasan Falls there will be locals offering themselves as tour guides, they can tell you about the history of the province, city and the waterfalls and help you get across the narrow paths of the rocky mountains. Once you have paid the entrance fee of 10 Php (about $0.25 US) per person you’re allowed to all of the three levels for the whole day.

To reach the first level it will take you about an average of 20 minutes. You won’t be bored during this walk, just the view and smell of the nearby river and tropical plants make up for short yet slippery walk. Right after the third bridge you will reach the first level of falls. Of course now is a good timing to take out your camera for some forever lasting pictures of the Kawasan Falls.

Now you should be able to enjoy the silence and food from the resort’s restaurants or your own brought. The popular bamboo rafts for a “Kawasan waterfall massage” can be rented out by one of the few stands. You used to be able to jump from the top of the waterfall but since fatal accidents its strictly prohibited. For those who are up for an adventure, try to take yourself to the next level of the falls.

On your way to 2nd and 3rd level you will find small local villages, mostly during day and evening time you will find locals here drinking “coconut wine” for 5 PhP (about $0.12) you can try yourself a glass. It takes up to one hour to reach the top level and the view is absolutely worth it. You have now entered the source of the Kawasan Falls, this is also where the water comes fresh out of the mountain. Make sure to not throw away any empty water bottles on the way for a free refill at the fresh water source.

All by all is the Kawasan Falls a true unique experience, if you happen to be close or wish to visit during your holiday in the Philippines, whether your current destination is Manila or Angeles City with Cebu Pacific Air you can fly domestic at discounted rate prices throughout the whole country. This airline is mostly used by Philippines locals.

These pictures date Wednesday 26th of November 2008 Kawasan Falls, Cebu.


Cebu City, called the Philippines Queen City of the South, is the capital of the Cebu province in the Philippines. First to have Spanish influences during the country’s period of colonization, it is now one of the most developed cities of the South East Asian country. It is the Visayas island’s worthy alternative to the country’s capital, Manila. In fact, it can act as a temporary reprieve from the chaotic Manila traffic. Cebu City offers both colonial architecture and modern buildings just as it can offer both preserved nature and man made beaches. Its 7,104.3 square miles is peopled with about 800 thousand residents according to the latest measurement.

Cebu City has been witness to several historical events that changed the Philippines forever. So when you visit, make sure that you see Magellan’s Cross, a testament to the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan in 1521. Other historical relics are also deeply religious, showing how much the Spaniards have influenced the whole country during the three hundred plus years of colonization. You may better get a taste of Cebu City’s cultural by visiting during one of its festivals. A blend of paradise and metro, Cebu city offers you not only a walk at the beach but eating at high-class restaurants, featuring a wide array of International cuisine. You like to go out at night? Enjoy your night out at Mango Square located in the center of the city featuring several discotheques as Auto Shop, Beat, VooDoo, Juliana’s and Pump but also bikini bars such as Vikings, Silver Dollar, Love City and Temptations.

You can gain entry into Cebu City via the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. You can also enter via ferry from one of the nearby islands; Cebu’s seaport is the country’s busiest. Inside the city, you can get around easily by taxi. Be wary of unmarked taxis and fast-changing meters. If you are willing to keep on asking for directions, try riding the country’s local public transportation – the jeepney. The weather in Cebu City is tropical, which means that it is warm all year round. Temperature ranges from 72 degrees Fahrenheit to 91 degrees Fahrenheit.

People from most countries can earn a temporary visa lasting up to 21 days in the Philippines. You have to consult Immigration if you want to extend your stay. You can apply extension through student visa, employment visa or investor’s visa status.