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Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital city, is a late 20th century addition – a 1960s replacement to the former capital city of Karachi. It is found northwest of Pakistan, in the Potohar Plateau. This modern city is populated by more than one million people.

Islamabad is a popular tourist destination and there are several historical and unique places that are worth a visit. You may visit the Shah Faisal Mosque and the Islamabad Museum for a taste of culture. If you are bringing along a child, you can relax at the Islamabad Zoo. Going around both Islamabad and Rawalpindi, you will better understand the differences between these twin cities. Islamabad’s organized layout can be seen through its right angles, sophisticated restaurants, and overall subdued suburban look. This is in comparison to Rawalpindi’s sprawling streets that still possess some 19th century overtones.

You can reach and depart from Islamabad through the Islamabad International Airport. Before touring the city, you can take advantage of the airport’s tourist information center. You can also book a bus through a travel agency; air-conditioned buses are available. Another option for traveling by land is a train ride, in which you have to book reservations. Islamabad can be cold or sweltering hot. If it gets too hot, you can escape to the mountain of Muree for some cool air.

To visit Islamabad, you need a temporary entry visa, a tourist visa, or a business visa to Pakistan. You also need a valid passport to stay in the country. You may extend your stay in Pakistan if you have a business visa. To get a business visa, however, you need an invitation from your host in Pakistan. You will also be asked to submit a business letter of responsibility. Whatever type of visa you apply for, make sure to completely fill up the corresponding application forms.