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Yokohama (横浜市) is the capital city of the Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan and is situated on the Tokyo Bay just 20 miles south of Tokyo. In the Kantō region region nearby the main island of Honshū. It’s a important commercial hub of the Greater Tokyo Area. As of latest measurements Yokohama has a population of 3.6 million people.

Yokohama was once a mere village that grew into a large Asian port. Today can be described modern international city. The port city Yokohama has a interesting history and sightseeing, many of the sights are located near the waterfront. Minato Mirai is its futuristic heart of the city, the every changing and evaluating area is rich of shops, museums, restaurants and modern art. On walking distance you can find the Akarenga, a pair of red-brick 20th century warehouses which have been converted into dining places and boutiques. When visiting the city Yokohama the much hyped and crowded Chinatown, Chukagai in the old city center. Although nowadays it’s more of a modern district, it still offers it’s historical Chinese temples mixed in between a triangle of popular restaurants.

When visiting Yokohama, a visit to the Sankei-en must be added to your list, it’s a heaven of silence and peace in the massive city. Basically, it’s best described as a spacious park which consists of a collection of historic buildings moved from all over Japan to the city. Surrounding landscapes, as well as the buildings and the park can be best seen in springtime.

Visitors to Yokohama need a valid passport and visa. European and American citizens will receive a 90 days visa upon arrival. Generally seen the city is safe for tourists, regular travel rules apply so have a close look after your belongings. The best period to visit Yokohama is in the summer months from June till August.


Shanghai (上海) is the largest city in China, directly followed by Beijing. The city of Shanghai is situated on China’s central eastern coast, at the mouth of the Yangtze River. The city is administered as a municipality of the People’s Republic of China with a province level status. As of latest measurement the city has a total population of 19 million people.

Originally a textile and fishing village, Shanghai grew its way into importance in the 19th century with one of the main reason it’s favorable located port, nowadays after subsequent and long term foreign investments Shanghai has become the largest cargo port, and one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. The city’s most interesting sightseeing includes its historical landmarks such as the Bund and City God Temple, and its ever breathtaking and expanding Pudong skyline with a not to miss Oriental Pearl Tower which adds to the reputation of a modern city.

Today, Shanghai is a gigantic city where people from different culture life together, which truly shows the dualistic face of poor and rich, modern and old fashion on every side of the street. The old city center in the Yu Yuan area you can find the oldest streets of China, which you can find old city buildings and markets like the Yu Yuan Market where you can buy hand crafted sculptures and local souvenirs. When you are looking for modern Shanghai, head to the sights. It’s a good starting point for a boat trip on the Huangpu river.

Shanghai’s cuisine can be compared to its citizens and culture, characterized as sweet and oily, which is the most common method of preparation used in Shanghai, it brings freshness and balance to the food, with great attention to the taste of sweet and sour. Seafood, retains a great popularity in Shanghai’s cuisine, often served meals include braised fish, steam fish and shellfish, or stir friend shellfish. When purchasing at a street vendor, be aware that some dishes are far from fresh and often the remains of last week left overs.

Travelers to Shanghai need a valid passport and visa. While small theft, pickpockets, thieves and thick city smog is presence, the city is relatively safe for travelers. The best period to visit Shanghai is between May and September as those are the best temperature months. Though it also rains more in these months based on yearly average.

Siem Reap

Siem Reap is the capital of the Siem Reap Province in Cambodia. It’s the most popular tourist destination after Phnom Penh and has a large number of hotels and restaurants and perhaps better known as Angkor Wat. The city has a population of about 150 thousand citizens as of latest measurement.

The city of Siem Reap is filled cultural, ancient and historical temples, tombs and buildings with Chinese-styled architecture. Two famous area’s within Siem Reap are the Old French Quarter and Old Market. In town the narrow and sandy streets are filled with craft shops, silk farms, rice-addy countryside, fishing villages and a bird sanctuary near Tonle Sap Lake. Traditional Apsara is being performed in public outside bar areas. Several popular tourist sightseeing include the Cambodia Landmine Museum, Angkor National Museum, Angkor Thom, Psar Chaa and the Central Market which is a one of a kind market.

As the tourist numbers increased over the years, a lot of new hotels, guest house and restaurants have settled in the area. Most of the guest houses are concentrated around the old market area, while the expensive and international hotels are situated between the Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport and along the highway of National Road 6. For those travelers who are looking for the best price / comfort class are recommended to go the variety mid-range hotels and restaurants along Sivatha.

Travelers to Siem Reap require a valid passport and visa. American citizens will receive a visa upon arrival valid for 30 days in exchange for $20.00 US. There’s also an exit fee of $25.00 US when leaving the country. Petty theft and crimes are not uncommon in the city, the overall crime rates are rather low. Always make sure to look after your belongings.

Happy Gift

In the narrow streets of Bangkok, Chinatown right across the corner of Wanit 1 Road shines a bright pink light in the darkness. Happy Gift. While some may say it’s location is hidden or not findable, surely no one especially tourist and Thai teens can resists having a peak in this odd placed 5 floors department store filled with just about anything that’s considered cute.

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Rangamati (রাঙ্গামাটি) is a popular travel destination in Bangladesh also known as “Lake City”, the best way to travel to Rangamati is taking the car or bus from Chittagong, the ride has the length of about 48 miles across grass fields and high hills. Once arrived, you have entered a favorite holiday resort of the Bangladesh. The city is also famous for it’s hanging bridges over the river side.

The beautiful landscape fill the eye view of Rangamati, as you can imagine there’s one main lake where you can go hiking and bathing enjoy nature at its finest, of course its recommended to spend an afternoon picnicking at the lake other than visiting any of the restaurants downtown. In this area of Rangamati certain tribes still make their day to day living, prime examples include the Chakma and Marma which make their living of homespun textile products and ivory jewelery made by the women while the tribal men are fishing for tonight’s dinner.

As traveler visiting Rangamati there’s several options you can choose for, we recommend, if you have the time to try most of them! The most popular tourist attraction is Tribal life, where you can join the tribes in a night or multiple day journey, living the life they have. If you choose to do so, please be reminded that it’s their culture and history. It’s advised to join them in their day to life, and show them respect for their habits. Other popular attractions include speed boat cruising, hiking, bathing and enjoying the beauty of Rangamati’s nature.

United States citizens do not need a visa, you will receive a three months visa upon arrival after showing your valid passport and return ticket at immigration. In case you would need a visa for your country there’s visa on arrival offices available throughout the Dhaka International Airport for 30-day up to 90-days stay.

Kawasan Falls

The Kawasan Falls is a popular travel destination when visiting Cebu or Moalboal, its located in the town of Kawasan, municipality of Badian, on the province/island of Cebu. The Kawasan Falls are not only popular among tourist crowds but also the locals go here for their relax and enjoyment.

The Kawasan Waterfalls is a three level cascade of crystal clear mountain springs, enjoy a fine picnic with on the background the plashing Kawasan Falls as you’re dining in a tropical forest, go for a fresh swim even snorkeling is recommended to see all different fish kinds hidden beneath the surface.

When arriving at the Kawasan Falls there will be locals offering themselves as tour guides, they can tell you about the history of the province, city and the waterfalls and help you get across the narrow paths of the rocky mountains. Once you have paid the entrance fee of 10 Php (about $0.25 US) per person you’re allowed to all of the three levels for the whole day.

To reach the first level it will take you about an average of 20 minutes. You won’t be bored during this walk, just the view and smell of the nearby river and tropical plants make up for short yet slippery walk. Right after the third bridge you will reach the first level of falls. Of course now is a good timing to take out your camera for some forever lasting pictures of the Kawasan Falls.

Now you should be able to enjoy the silence and food from the resort’s restaurants or your own brought. The popular bamboo rafts for a “Kawasan waterfall massage” can be rented out by one of the few stands. You used to be able to jump from the top of the waterfall but since fatal accidents its strictly prohibited. For those who are up for an adventure, try to take yourself to the next level of the falls.

On your way to 2nd and 3rd level you will find small local villages, mostly during day and evening time you will find locals here drinking “coconut wine” for 5 PhP (about $0.12) you can try yourself a glass. It takes up to one hour to reach the top level and the view is absolutely worth it. You have now entered the source of the Kawasan Falls, this is also where the water comes fresh out of the mountain. Make sure to not throw away any empty water bottles on the way for a free refill at the fresh water source.

All by all is the Kawasan Falls a true unique experience, if you happen to be close or wish to visit during your holiday in the Philippines, whether your current destination is Manila or Angeles City with Cebu Pacific Air you can fly domestic at discounted rate prices throughout the whole country. This airline is mostly used by Philippines locals.

These pictures date Wednesday 26th of November 2008 Kawasan Falls, Cebu.


If every large city in the world has a Chinatown, of course Bangkok is going to have one. It’s located south of Dusit and Banglamphu in one of the oldest areas which was originally meant for Chinese merchants in the early 1980′s when Bangkok was founded. Today, Chinatown is still very popular for gold shops, jewelry shops and pawnshops, neon signs fill the street scene.

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India Emporium

The capital city of Bangkok, Thailand has many diversities. There’s a whole area called Bangkok, Chinatown and even an area called Bangkok, Little India. In the area of Little India which is located at Jakkraplach Road there’s a shopping mall called India Emporium (อินเดีย เอ็มโพเรี่ยม) right next to the Sikh Temple. The mall lives up to its name very well.

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Suvarnabhumi airport

Since the year 2006 Suvarnabhumi Airport (ท่าอากาศยานสุวรรณภูมิ) has been the new international airport of Thailand. The airport is internationally known as Suvarnabhumi International Airport or by airport code BKK which used to be from the old international airport, Don Mueang. The airport is located in Racha Thewa in the Bang Phli district and Samut Prakan province just about 15 miles from downtown Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

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Jalan P. Ramlee

When any form of nightlife is mentioned in the city of Kuala Lumpur, it’s most likely travelers mentioning the Jalan P. Ramlee area. It’s considered to be the city hot spot for nightlife entertainment. The area or actually street is far more popular than other city destinations as the Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown and Jalan Bukit Bintang.

Besides the strategically location which is just around the corner from KL’s landmark attractions Suria KLCC and Petronas Twin Towers. All the bars on Jalan P. Ramlee have a license to be open till 3 AM even on Fridays and Saturdays. The most famous bar on this street is called Beach Club it’s the most crowded bar/discotheque with an open air area on the whole strip and is one of the two bars to have a cover charge of 35 RYM (about $10.50 US) which includes one drink. The Thai Club Bistro right across has a cover charge of 30 RYM (about $9 US).

On the street of Jalan P. Ramlee there’s about 5 to 6 other large nightclubs which include; Rum Jungle, Aloha, Carnigess the Irish bar, Nouvo and several other small pubs and massage parlors. Pretty much every night all of these clubs will have people, Monday nights are the least busiest of the week.

When you are looking for a night out in Kuala Lumpur, it’s a recommendation to first have a fine dining experience at for example Changkat Bukit Bintang and there after head straight towards the Jalan P. Ramlee area. A taxi from Changkat Bukit Bintang or most central locations in the city shouldn’t be more than 10 RYM (about $3 US).