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Huay Xai

Huay Xai (ຫ້ວຍຊາຍ) also known as Ban Houayxay and Houei Sai is the capital city of the Lao province of Bokèo, Laos on the border with Thailand. The city is situated on the Mekong river opposite of Chiang Khong, Thailand. Two ferries connect the two cities, and a bridge to Thailand is scheduled for completion in 2012. As of latest measurement the city of Huay Xai has a population of 145 thousand people.

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Vientiane, Laos is considered Southeast Asia’s largest village. The capital city is so-called the largest village in Southeast Asia because it is a cross between a tiny city and a big town. Vientiane can be found near the Mekong River’s shores. Its Asian location and added French influences create a truly exotic, unique feel – perfect for tourists looking for something unusual. Populated with just about 465 thousand citizens, tourists are truly welcome in this friendly Laos capital.

A camera will prove to be valuable in a place such as Vientiane. With so many sights to relish, you may find yourself capturing very Asian scenes such as noodle stalls and even a taste of French in some of the city’s crumbling mansions and its Champs Elysees-like central boulevard. Even your taste buds will rejoice because Vientiane offers international dishes, including delectable French cuisine. The quiet friendliness of the city also helps you to enjoy everything more.

You can reach Vientiane through Lao Airlines, Thai Airways International, and Vietnam Airlines. You may also book a ferry or a cargo boat from Luang Prabang or other nearby cities. On land, you can ride air-conditioned buses at approximately US$7 per three hours. If you want to feel more immersed into the city, you can rent a bicycle or a motorcycle for a day or two. Though Vientiane makes a lovely picture, make sure you read the fine print before signing anything regarding travel documents, especially for your accommodation package. The temperature in this city is usually hot so bring light clothes.

You will need a visa and a valid passport to visit Vientiane, Laos. You may also need to book your trip through a travel agency and have your arrival pre-approved by an agency in Laos. Not only that, you also need to have a bank account with a minimum of US$400 deposit. Payment for fees, confirmed hotel reservation, and proof of return travel may also be needed for you to be given a visa.