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Get around Delhi

Getting around the huge city and capital of India, Delhi along with 16 million other passengers is an true adventure. Endless, 24 hours traffic mixed with motorbikes, auto-rickshaws, cycle-rickshaws, buses, taxi’s and several super fancy cars. Many of them drivers will have no shame in charging tourists at least 10 times the regular fare. Make sure to follow strict guidelines, agree upon prices before taking off, and try accepting the fact they take a rupee or two more.

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All nationalities traveling to India must have an VISA prior to arriving at Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL), even for airline transits. Travel destination India is pretty strict issuing visa’s and has multiple requirements which count for all travelers. For price inquiry please contact the embassy, a basic tourist VISA to India for 3 months costs €65 in Europe and $80 in North America, while Students, Business, Journalists or Family visa’s start at €99 ($120).

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Jaipur (जयपुर) also known as Pink City is a architecture rich travel destination and capital of the Indian state Rajasthan. The city of Jaipur is one of the must visit travel destinations within India, as it’s laid-back, photogenic and architecture rich. Some travelers may need to adjust to the state of Rajasthan which is totally different from the always busy Delhi and Bombay with a population of just 3,2 million people.

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Kashmir is found in the northwest of India. The word Kashmir means a land that has been dried off of water. This is because Ka means “water” while Shimir means “to desiccate” or to be dried off. There are other theories as to where exactly Kashmir got its name but cashmere is definitely a variant of the Indian region. The region is populated by approximately 13 million residents.

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Delhi (दिल्ली) also pronounced as Delli is the capital city of India. Delhi is one the globe’s oldest cities counting well over 5.000 years. In the city’s long existing it has been destroyed and rebuilt 11 times, slowly but surely traditions being set side by side with local boom in dot com and business outsourcing centers especially in the Gurgaon area. Delhi’s population has rise to well over 16 million people.

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