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Hong Kong

Hong Kong (香港) meaning “fragrant harbour” is one of the two Special Administrative Regions in China, with the second one being Macau. Hong Kong consists of 236 islands situated on China’s south coast, enclosed by the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea. Hong Kong has developed itself to a globe’s top financial center with a capitalist economy. It’s skyline and harbor are breath taking. As of latest measurement the city has a population of 7,1 million people.

Hongkong today is one of the most important and popular travel destinations in China. The city has absorbed people and cultural influences from places all over the world and therefore its also a unique travel destination which is often referred to as a center the city “where east meets the west” which reflects in its daily life, streets, cuisine, music and traditions.

Aside from its chaotic traffic scene, busy streets, gigantic sky scrapers and thousands of bright advertising signs the city of Hong Kong can also be hushed and peaceful with fine dining experiences trying Chinese cuisine, excellent transport network around town, massive and sublime shopping malls, quiet temples and spacious parks and gardens. Another Hong Kong sightseeing include the vantage point at Vicoria Peak overlooking the world’s busiest deep water port which is outstanding and breathtaking.

Getting round in the city, it’s easiest method is the subway system. All of the signs are in English language as well, though metered taxi’s are widely available. According to South Asian standards, not the cheapest of them all though a 20 minute taxi from center Hong Kong to Victoria Peak (20 minutes) cost us about $6 US. Taxi’s are the most expensive (public) transportation available in the city.

Travelers to Hongkong need a valid passport and visa. While the city is relatively safe, the common travel concerns include presence of pickpockets, thieves and thick city smog. The best period to visit Hongkong is between May and September when there’s the best temperature. On average it does rain more in these months than in periods throughout the year.