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Johannesburg is the largest city of South Africa and the financial center of the country. It is the capital of the region Gauteng and it has a population of more than 3.8 million people of different nationalities. There is no language group dominating the city. Johannesburg is located in the eastern plateau area. The city has around 6 million trees in it which makes it one of the greenest city in the world.

Johannesburg is the home of Nelson Mandela. In the city you can take official tours that will lead you to his earlier and more humble home, where he lived before he went to prison, and his modern home. The city is divided into two districts, Soweto and Sandton. Soweto is known as South Western Townships and is pretty safe for tourists to visit. Sandton is heart of the business center of Johannesburg. It holds the 6 meter tall bronze statue of Nelson Mandela, a favorite photo spot for many.

Johannesburg has a modern center and has mostly been influenced by American style malls. There are many shopping malls including Sandton City, Bedford Center and Mall of Rosebank. Oriental Plaza offers shops with South African Indian owners. The city has different museums and galleries such as Johannesburg Art Gallery and The Apartheid Museum. This museum is certainly worth a visit if you would like to understand the true history of the city and South Africa. Other attractions are Market Theatre Complex, Gold-Reef city theme park, an amusement park with casino, the Gubbins Library in university and Lesedi Cultural Village with traditional dances and food.

Travelers to Johannesburg need a valid passport. Visitors from Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom and Virgin Islands do not require a visa. Citizens from other countries don’t need a specific visa if their stay is less than 30 or 90 days, depending on the country you come from. Crime is a serious problem in Johannesburg. Public transport use is even discouraged. Keep valuable belongs at a safe spot. Stay away from unpopulated areas. The city has two telecommunication towers, Hillbrow tower and Brixton tower (or Sentech) that will help you locate where you are.