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Praia, the capital and largest city of Cape Verde, has an interesting name meaning. In both Cape Verdean Creole and Portuguese, the city name means “beach” which is appropriate for the capital of an island nation. The capital city is definitely surrounded by waters. Praia is a worthy capital not only because it is the largest city but also because of its stunning beaches and a commercial center. It also has a long-standing history; it was formerly called the town of Praia de Santa Maria in 1615 and was declared a city in 1858. The city is home to 125 thousand people according to the latest measurement.

Despite its beaches and commercial center, Praia is not a typical tourist magnet. Usually, tourists would come to Cape Verde’s center for a stopover and move on to their next destination. Still, you can always enjoy a visit to the beach or taking photos of the cosmopolitan life in Praia. There are historical sites and traces of Portuguese settlement in this area. You can visit places such as Praia Cathedral and the Praia town hall, for example. Who knows, you may want to stay for a little longer.

You can reach Praia, Cape Verde through interconnecting flights ending in the capital city’s international airport. From the airport, you can reach the city center through a taxi ride. Unfortunately, there is apparently no transportation that can bring you from where you are staying back to the airport. The average temperature in Praia is mostly within the range of 68 degrees Fahrenheit, from 66 degrees Fahrenheit to 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

To visit Cape Verde, you need a passport valid for at least six months. You also need to present your return ticket or any proof that you are leaving the African country at a certain date, either to go home or to move on to the next destination. You need to have a visa to enter the city.