Cape Town

Cape Town is the second most populous city, as well as the provincial capital of the Western Cape and legislative capital of South Africa. The city is the center for the national parliament and many other government offices. Cape Town has a population of approximately 3.5 million people.

The city is world famous for its harbor, as well its natural settings including the well known landmarks and top tourist attractions as Cape Point and Table Mountain, a mountain that’s 700 million years old. Aside from Cape Town’s natural and tourist attractions that draw 3 million people per year to the city, the city also offers outstanding restaurants, cafes and bars that serve locally brewed wines which have worldwide recognition. Cape Bay is filled with modern hangout spaces while Long Street has several great options for dining and nightlife.

The traveler should feel blessed with a trip to the most popular South African destination for tourism, with its resplendent landscape such as the beaches, the harbor, the vineyards and Victorian styles buildings. It impresses many first timers to South Africa’s freshly reborn ‘Mother City’.

Travelers to Cape Town require a valid passport and visa. American citizens can visit without need of visa unless the stay extends 90 days. Petty crime and theft are common issues for tourists, its advised to look after your belongings and ignore the many con-artists trying to sell or offer you something.

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