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Cafe Rotterdam

Cafe Rotterdam is a trendy nightlife spot in Rotterdam city, Netherlands in the Cruise Terminal situated at the banks of the Nieuwe Maas river, Wilhelminakade with unique views on the Erasmusbrug. Since January 2010 it’s available for exclusive parties and weekly festivals.

When arriving at Cafe Rotterdam you shall be impressed by it’s size, with a total of three stories and the fact that the building has several entrances, a main one located in the middle and and multiple on the sides. The area where most parties are being held is located on the right side, with a marvelous view on the Erasmusbrug and a restaurant on the terrace area with local and international cuisine. Once you enter the building there’s a place to store your jackets free of charge. Here’s a total of two floors is to your availability.

The inside view is trendy, the lights are pointed to the top which is easy on the eyes, the music pretty loud yet when there’s a lot of people it still gives a good atmosphere. The DJ is visible for everyone located directly on the stairs between the ground and first floor, the design bar is spread out in the back, which is big enough to process the many people ordering. As well the fact that Cafe Rotterdam has enough crew members walking around to serve and clean up empty glasses. On the first floor there’s another spacious restaurant, as well toilets which were quite large and clean. A little side note, which was noticed while there was that the club can get quite hot.

Cruise Terminal Rotterdam
Wilhelminakade 699
Telefoon (010) 290 84 40
Fax (010) 297 42 51