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If you’re visiting Bangkok, Patpong is one of the places you must have seen. Patpong was founded late 1960s when a number of bars were opened to serve the US serviceman who were enjoying time off from the Vietnam battlefields, nowadays its one of the most exciting areas of Bangkok nightlife. Patpong is located on Silom Road or Suriwong Roadd BTS (Skytrain) Sala Daeng in Bangkok.

Besides the fact that Patpong is famous worldwide for its sex and pussy shows, it has become more family friendly. Throughout the whole area there’s a night market, mixed in between the Gogo bars there’s regular massage parlors offering traditional Thai massage, restaurants, live music venues, pool halls to enjoy a good meal or beer.

Because Patpong has developed itself to a leading night area in Bangkok, it does mean that it has come with several disadvantages you need to be aware of, on your night out in Patpong be careful for pickpocketing and hustlers offering you cigarettes, drugs, sex shows and body massage. They get a commission and cut from your bill, which results in the bar charging you higher prices.

No visit to Bangkok is completed without a night out at Silom Road, Patpong. Buy souvenirs for your family at home, enjoy in the live music venues after a traditional Thai massage and a tasty meal. In Patpong it’s all possible.

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