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Archive for October, 2009


Kavajë is a city in western Albania located less than a mile from the Adriatica Sea. It’s also the center of the District of Kavaj. The city of Kavaje was established in 1595 under under the name of Kavalje, it was the first city in Albania to start a anti communist revolution. In the prefecture area of Kavaje there’s 123 thousand people, the area of the country is 244 square miles, Kavaje is the capital of Kavaja Country. According to latest measurement the city has a population of 40 thousand people.

The city lies above sea level, the beach Golem has a coastline of approximately 22 miles which is also a main attraction for travelers and tourists. Across the shore is a boulevard where several large hotels and resorts are situated. The resorts include all facilities and have rooms with sea view, the beach is best described as large, with here and there a parasol to sit. In the summer months May and October you’ll find yourself in between locals coming from the capital Tirana and tourists, while other months it’s more like a private beach.

Across the shore of Kavaje several restaurants with true Albanian cuisine, which is had strong influences of Greece, Italy and the Turks. The main meal throughout Albania is lunch, don’t let at least one day pass by in Kavaje accompanied with a salad and fresh vegetables such as olives, green peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and vinegar with salt and olive oil. The lunch should also include meat of choice. For dinner times, it’s recommended to have the seafood specialties, especially since you’re right on the shore, any restaurants in Golem en Kavaje can serve you the following Albanian dishes Durrës, Vlorë and Sarandë.

If you are an American or European citizen visiting Albania, Kavaje you do need a valid passport to enter the country. However, short vacations under 90 days do not require any type of visa. You also need to present a return to be allowed into Kavaje. Petty theft and crimes against tourists aren’t common in the city, but always make sure to look after your belongings.

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef is the globe’s largest coral reef which composes over 2900 individual reefs and 900 islands located in the Coral Sea, just off the coast of Queensland in north east Australia. The great barrier reef can be seen from space as the globe’s largest single structure made by living organisms, the reef is built by billions of tiny organisms known as coral polyps.

The Great Barrier Reef is a site of remarkable variety of life and beauty and therefore is a World Heritage Site since 1981. By known latest known measurements the great barrier reefs counts 400 types of coral, 1500 species of fish and 400 types of molluscs. Also, the great barrier reef has been labeled as one of the 7 natural world wonders on this globe. The Great Barrier Reefs hold an important note in scientific knowledge, latest research include the habitat species of dugong “sea cow” and chelonia mydas “green turtle”.

The most convenient way to reach Great Barrier Reef is through Townsville and Marinepark, it consist out of hundreds uninhabited islands with bounty sand white beaches where you can stay and explore the reef by snorkeling or diving. As accommodation (when available) is rather expensive, most travelers choose to camp on the beaches. Make sure to bring a local tour guide that’s booked through a certificate company. The Long Island is the reef’s most visited island, the reasoning is that it’s close to the shore and excellently suited for a day trip. From there, it’s easy to navigate towards Whitesunday Islands, Molle Islands, Hamilton Island, Hook Island, Daydream Island and any of the other 900 plus islands located in the reef. There’s several national parks in the reef including Tyron, Lady Musgrave and North West which are excellent for relaxation and perfection.

Travelers to the Great Barrier Reef are recommended to get an accommodation in Queensland, Australia mostly Townsville. For entrance an valid passport and visa need to be shown at immigration. Citizens of America, Canada and Europe will automatically after application receive a tourist visa that is valid for 12 months. It permits multiple entries into Australia for a stay of up to 3 months on each visit.


In the province of South Holland located about 15 miles of Rotterdam lies the city of Gouda. It’s the 48th largest city of the Netherlands, and 13th largest of the province South Holland with a total population of 72 thousand people as of latest measurements. Within its region its often referred to as the “Groene Hart” which in Dutch means “Green Heart”.

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Siem Reap

Siem Reap is the capital of the Siem Reap Province in Cambodia. It’s the most popular tourist destination after Phnom Penh and has a large number of hotels and restaurants and perhaps better known as Angkor Wat. The city has a population of about 150 thousand citizens as of latest measurement.

The city of Siem Reap is filled cultural, ancient and historical temples, tombs and buildings with Chinese-styled architecture. Two famous area’s within Siem Reap are the Old French Quarter and Old Market. In town the narrow and sandy streets are filled with craft shops, silk farms, rice-addy countryside, fishing villages and a bird sanctuary near Tonle Sap Lake. Traditional Apsara is being performed in public outside bar areas. Several popular tourist sightseeing include the Cambodia Landmine Museum, Angkor National Museum, Angkor Thom, Psar Chaa and the Central Market which is a one of a kind market.

As the tourist numbers increased over the years, a lot of new hotels, guest house and restaurants have settled in the area. Most of the guest houses are concentrated around the old market area, while the expensive and international hotels are situated between the Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport and along the highway of National Road 6. For those travelers who are looking for the best price / comfort class are recommended to go the variety mid-range hotels and restaurants along Sivatha.

Travelers to Siem Reap require a valid passport and visa. American citizens will receive a visa upon arrival valid for 30 days in exchange for $20.00 US. There’s also an exit fee of $25.00 US when leaving the country. Petty theft and crimes are not uncommon in the city, the overall crime rates are rather low. Always make sure to look after your belongings.


The city of Kraków officially spelled as Cracow in the English language has grown from a stone age settlement to Poland‘s second most important city. In the period of 1038 to 1596 it was the capital of Poland, nowadays its Warsaw. Nowadays, it is the capital of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. Krakow is a city of size with a population that exceeds 755 thousand people according to latest count.

Lots of times travelers visiting Krakow pre-assume it’s a big gray and boring city, but in fact it’s a lively city with a nice infrastructure, lots of big and ancient buildings and clean streets. Krakow is one of Poland’s major academic and artistic center with the ongoing establishment of new universities and cultural venues. A popular destination within the city is the main market square, where pigeons dominate the area. The square is about the size of 656 ft. and is the historical center of Kraków’s Jewish social and religious life it also has several old churches, museums and a fourteenth century building of the Jagiellonian University.

As there’s many students from all over Poland move to the city, it’s nightlife is alive and vibrant. The street scene is filled with pubs and bars, and late night clubs that are open until the early hours. Most of the bigger clubs are located in dungeons under the ground, the average price of a beer is 3.5 PLN (about $1.20). Getting around in the city is no problem, there’s bus stops throughout the city and the taxis are available, to any location in the city it shouldn’t be more than 70 PLN (about $25.00)

There are two main seasons in Krakow, with hot and humid summers (June, July and August) and cold winters (January and February). The month of September has the most rain. American and European tourists visiting Krakow only need a valid passport if their stay does not exceed 90 days. Confirmation of travel itinerary and proof of accommodations may be required at the border.


Niš (Ниш) is a city in the Nišava District, Serbia situated on the banks of the Nišava River. The city of Nis also has its own international airport named Niš Constantine the Great Airport (Аеродром Константин Велики) with as destination code INI. With a little over 300 thousand people as population it’s the third largest city in southern Serbia after Beograd and Novi Sad.

Unfortunately Nis suffers from a variety of accommodations, there’s a short supply. The major hotels are “Ambassador” and “Motel Nais”, in all honesty, generally seen the private and small hotels are in much better shape. A couple of recommended hostels by travelers include Hostel Evropa, Marvel, Hotel Nis and Sweet-Hostel Nis. If you inquire any issues finding a room in Nis, step in one of the many tourist agencies which have local contacts.

As the city was heavily damaged in the second world war only a few pre-war architecture remain. There’s a few interesting sightseeing’s like the ancient monument from the Turkish-Serbian war called The Scull Tower. Another few interesting attraction includes Turkish Fortress in the city center, and an archeological site “Mediana” which features a summer residence of the Romane Emperor Constantine the Great. A small archeological museum “Narodni Muzej” can be found in city center.

The city of Nis has a lot of domestic travelers common referred to as “health tourists”, an popular destination includes the Niska Banja Spa. Besides health freaks, the city is suitable for all sorts of people, whether you enjoy a lively nightlife with a large numbers cafeteria packed in the afternoon and evenings, or like fine dining at local restaurants serving original Serbian cuisine, Greek or Turkish meals and desserts.

Getting round in the city isn’t of any problem, taxi’s and public transport is widely available. When travel abroad to other major European cities tickets can be purchased at the main bus station. As earlier mentioned the city Nis has a international airport which has daily flights to Zurich and Paris. Currently the airport is only served by two airlines, Montenegro Airlines and JAT Airways.

American and European citizens aren’t required a Visa to enter Nis when the duration of your stay does not exceed 90 days. A valid passport is that’s valid for at least 6 months needs to be shown upon arrival at the international airport. Tourists are required by law to register with the Serbian police within 24 hours after entering the Serbian border.


Čačak (Чачак) is a city situated 86 miles south of capital city Beograd in Serbia. The city of Cacak is the administrative as well main industrial, cultural and sport center of the Moravica District. As of latest count the city has an population of 170 thousand people.

When taking a walk in downtown Cacak there’s many narrow streets going left and right connected together, the city map looks like a labyrinth. As Cacak tries to improve their tourist hospitality and attractions they have opened countless breathtaking summer gardens just around the corners of cultural and historical Serbian cuisine restaurants, where even the restaurants designs seems to come from the nineteenth century. As both the summer gardens and a visit to one of the many restaurants need to be checked on your check list be sure to visit the great number of stores, shopping malls and hypermarkets, which makes Cacak the leading shopping center in Serbia, after Belgrade. When getting hungry during endless shopping, make sure to try the Serbian fast food snack “pljeskavica” which is a giant beef burger served at minimum size of 150 grams.

What attracts most tourist to the city of Cacak is the geographic location on the river bank, it’s diversity, traditions, historical monuments, cultural establishments, entertainment and sporting manifestations. For tourists its rather easy to get in touch with the locals, meet them and learn about their history and tradition as the local Serbians are very friendly and welcoming people, Cacak is a place to forge new friendships and enjoy nature at the same time.

American and European citizens aren’t required a Visa to enter Serbia or Cacak if your visit does not exceed 90 days. A valid passport is that’s valid for at least 6 months needs to be shown upon arrival at the international airport. Tourists are required by law to register with the Serbian police within 24 hours after entering the Serbian border.

Novi Sad

Novi Sad (Нови Сад) is the capital city of the Serbian province Vojvodina located in the north of the country, and also the administrative center of the South Bačka District. Novi Sad is situated on both banks of the Danube river and is Serbia‘s second largest city, after Beograd, the country’s capital. The current population of Novi Sad counts 290 thousand people.

The city of Novi Sad is an easy reach by bus or train from Belgrade, within a few hours you’re in what’s today the historical center of Serbian culture. For overnight stays there’s a wide selection of choices including, camping, pension or a hotel room. Walking around Novi Sad gives a pleasant feeling, strolling over the wide boulevards with buildings from the early nineteenth century, its central square surrounded by an old City Hall on the opposite side of an Roman Catholic church.

Since it’s a city of size, locals as well tourists won’t get bored easily, just the several historical museums and art galleries in town mixed with theaters and cinemas fill up the most of travelers needs. And how about a lively clubbing scene, that’s pretty much every night going with Fridays and Saturdays running at top. Another popular tourist attraction in the city of Novi Sad is the Exit Summer Fest which is the largest music festival in South Eastern Europe taking place on a beautiful fortress named Petrovaradinska tvrdjava. This festival attracts thousands of travelers enjoying the performance of the world’s most popular DJs and rock bands.

American citizens do not require a Visa to enter Serbia or Novi Sad. A valid passport is all that is needed to enter Novi Sad for any stay that doesn’t exceed 90 days. Tourists are required by law to register with the Serbian police within 24 hours after entering the Serbian border.

Vina del Mar

Viña del Mar, a main beach resort that’s located nearby the capital city of Santiago, Chile. Locals often refer it as La Ciudad Jardín which is Spanish for “The Garden City” as it has many beautiful gardens in the areas. Vina del Mar resembles an English south coast retirement town with a tiny bit more of sunshine. As of latest count the city has 290 thousand people and is ranked Chile’s fourth largest city.

Vina del Mar is a couple of key attractions which include the yearly music festival Internacional de la Canción de Viña del Mar, Spanish for “Viña del Mar International Song Festival” which is hosted in Quinta Vergara Amphitheater every third week of February lasting five days. Another popular attraction is the yearly hosted ATP Clay Court Tennis (Movistar open) tournament which promise some exciting matches on the grind. The casino is another good night spot, and one of the most renown gambling places you come across on the southern coast of the Pacific Ocean along with a couple of other small pubs and bars in town.

While in Vila del Mar don’t forget to take a city tour on the “Victorias” which are traditional horse driven carts taking you through the main streets and sights of the city. One more specialty of Vina del Mar includes the New Year Fireworks, it’s highly recommended to rent one of the many condominiums along the coast line for a unforgettable and breathtaking sight to make your new year’s toast at.

If you’re seeking a beach holiday in Vina del Mar you might want to reconsider, the water is freezing cold, in both the summer and winter season. When looking for warm and cozy Caribbean waters, head north.

Travelers to Vina del Mar are required to have a valid passport and visa, a return ticket must be presented to the immigration officer. By South American standards Vina del Mar is a safe city, but travelers should be aware of petty crimes such as pickpocketing.

Happy Gift

In the narrow streets of Bangkok, Chinatown right across the corner of Wanit 1 Road shines a bright pink light in the darkness. Happy Gift. While some may say it’s location is hidden or not findable, surely no one especially tourist and Thai teens can resists having a peak in this odd placed 5 floors department store filled with just about anything that’s considered cute.

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